5 Steps to Loving you!


It is funny how we can be so good at admiring, complimenting and adoring others positive qualities and traits but beat ourselves down for any imperfection we may see.  Do you find yourself engaging in negative self-talk when you look in the mirror or see a photo you don’t like?


This type of behavior is all too common among women but so damaging to our confidence and mental health.  If you are engaging on a fitness and/or weight loss journey, start with a positive mental state!  Do it because you love yourself not because you hate what you see.



Here are 5 steps to start loving who you are today!



Step 1

Wake-up with a positive mental attitude and say at least one affirmation in the mirror as you are getting ready.  It can be “I am beautiful” or “I love the woman I am”, anything that speaks to you.  Repeat this affirmation 10 times and really believe what you are saying.

Step 2

Dress in a way that makes you feel confident! Maybe some of your favorite outfits are a little snug at the moment but that doesn’t give you permission to give up on looking good!  Dress to look like the women you admire.  Find clothes that fit your body properly in your current shape and rock it!


Step 3

Refrain from comparing yourself to others.  This can be challenging with all the media out there but it is such a toxic behavior.  If you admire another woman for her positive qualities, look to her for inspiration not to see what you are lacking.  If you have people that you follow on social media that make you feel insecure, stop following them!  Surround yourself with positivity!


Step 4

Think, believe and act with confidence.  If there is something you want but have been reluctant to pursue it due to insecurities, the time is now!  Engaging in something that scares you but could have tremendous positive outcome for your personal or professional life is worth the risk.  The worst that could happen is you don’t get what you want and instead learn from the situation.  The best part about it is the more you go after what you want fearlessly, the easier it becomes!


Step 5

Love unconditionally.  Show love to everyone around you, friends, family, spouse, children, co-workers, etc.  In showing love, we receive love.  So don’t be afraid to let your inner sun shine on the outside.  You will be surprised how loved you will feel at the end of each day in return.





Start implementing these steps and as your self-love increases, your goals will seem so much easier to attain!

Lots of Love!