5 Tricks to Lose Weight without Dropping the B-Word (Yes, I’m talking BOOZE)!

Every diet, weight loss program and nutrition expert out there will tell you that alcohol is bad for you and your waistline.  There is definitely ample research to back up what they are saying BUT how many people do you know will start a diet tomorrow and be able to stick to the ‘no booze’ rule for the rest of time?

I can’t think of a single person unless they are already a non-drinker.   Either I hang out with a bunch of lushes or this rule just doesn’t jive with most people.  There has to be a way to integrate the two together.


Drinking is a social activity and a part of any gathering or party.  I don’t know about you, but I prefer to be the life of the party rather than the anti-social outcast.  I am going to share with you my 5 tricks to throwing a few back without sacrificing your weight loss success.


  1. Take it on the rocks

The biggest calorie killer when it comes to booze is usually the mixers.  Stick to sparkling water with lemons and limes.  Save yourself the extra calories and tons of sugar that can be found in fruit juices and sodas. Let me put it this way, a 65 calorie shot of tequila can easily turn into 550 calories when you order a margarita.  That’s equivalent to McDonald’s large fries or a quarter pounder with cheese!!


  1. Moderation is key

Think about the amount of drinks you are going to consume in advance and treat it the same as your occasional high calorie meal.  The drinks you plan to have are a part of that day’s caloric consumption.  This means if you plan right, this shouldn’t turn into some out of control over-indulgent binge!


  1. Space it out

I know, you have probably been told this a million times but I am going to add a million and one…..for every alcoholic drink you consume have a glass of water.  Why?  It goes back to the life of the party thing.  I’m the kind of person that wants to be like the energizer bunny of the party.  I don’t want the fun to stop.  So, if I am only planning to have three drinks that night, I need those babies to last.  By spacing it out with a glass of water in between, I am now having 6 drinks with my friends…right!? It also avoids you running into the brain fog that leads to bad decisions.


  1. Skip the late-night eats

Its 2am, the bars are closing and everyone is heading for pizza, poutine or burritos.  Save yourself and your waistline from the madness!  It’s ok to eat these things as an occasional treat however, because you have just thrown back a few; your body is not in prime condition to burn all these calories.  Alcohol is seen as a toxin by our bodies and it becomes the livers number one mission to break it down above all other things.  This means that metabolizing fat is not on its radar.  I’m sure your waist and hips are duking it out for who get dibbs though.


  1. Plan for the morning-after

This is a biggy!  You need to plan in advance for the morning-after.  Not in the way that you are thinking though!  Map out what you are going to eat for breakfast and what time you plan to work out from the day before.  Better yet, book a workout date with a friend.  This will keep you accountable and get you back on track.  It can be so easy to fall into the trap of lying around all day and snacking on greasy or salty foods.


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