6 Tricks to Speed Up a Stubborn Metabolism

There is not worse feeling than having a slow, sluggish metabolism…. Right?

Are you cursing your genetics and wishing you could have one little cheat meal without immediately seeing the scale spike!?

Well I have good news…..you can change your metabolic rate!  Yes, you don’t need to spend the rest of your life on a treadmill, avoiding carbs (and if you are currently doing that, you are slowing it down further)

If you feel like your metabolism is preventing your from seeing results and achieving your goals, then try one of these 6 simple hacks to speed it up in no time!

Drink more water

I know that you are probably tired of being told this but drinking enough water in a day plays a very important role in how your body functions.  If you want to increase your metabolic rate, simply drinking more water will do wonders for you.  You should aim for about 2-3 litres each day depending on your activity level.  It might sound like a daunting task but mix it up with lemons, limes or berries and add a green tea after meals.


Stay active throughout the day

Getting in any workout is going to produce amazing benefits for your mind, body and health.  Whether you like to workout in the morning or evening, you will increase you metabolic rate by simply being active.  If we want to rev it up further though, we should be as active as possible throughout the day.  Try adding a walk at lunch or in the evening or some morning yoga to your existing workout routine.


Get enough sleep

Just as activity is important, so is rest.  Sleep is vital for your body to be at it’s best each day.  Without adequate rest you will most likely experience cravings and a larger appetite.


Spice things up

If you are a fan of spicy food then you are in luck!  Adding cayenne pepper to your diet can aid in speeding up your metabolism and burn more calories.


Don’t skip meals..especially breakfast

Refraining from eating or skipping meals will NOT help you lose weight.  It will actually slow down your metabolism even more.  Eating small meals throughout the day will keep your metabolism working and at a faster rate.  Adding protein to each meal is also important for a high metabolic rate and will keep you full and satisfied for longer.

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Integrate weight training

Cardio queens are not doing themselves any favours in the long-run.  Cardio will help you burn calories in the moment and may initially have an impact on your weight loss.  However, your body will become used to the cardiovascular activity and the results will soon slow or cease.  Weight training will help you burn calories long after your workout is done and increase your metabolic rate so you can lose weight while you sleep!



I hope you find this info helpful in getting you r metbolism revved up!

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