Hi and welcome!  My name is Claudia and I am a fitness expert and transformation coach.

My passion is to help others live their best life possible!

If you are reading this, maybe you are ready to make a change, embark on a new journey, and challenge yourself!

I was once in your shoes, I was looking for something, someone, and anything to help me reach my full potential.

In hindsight, I know that my personal transformation is more mental than physical but I was fixated on the physical aspect.

I would turn the pages of fitness magazines and rattle my brain as to how those women looked the way they did and why I struggle sooooo much!

I was a cardio queen!  I believed that carbs were the enemy and I would inevitably fail at all the ridiculous barriers and tasks I would surround myself with…….no eating after 6pm, 1-2 hours of cardio every day, no junk food AT ALL, no carbs…..and the list went on.

Now that I look back, I was expecting myself to do some crazy stuff and live a happy life?

Even if I accomplished all those goals and got the body of my dreams, would I really be living a fulfilling existence?

I think I would probably be pretty miserable!

The funny thing is that none of that is true of my current life.  I don’t do excessive cardio, I love carbs, I definitely treat myself and I am in my best shape.

I was totally lost and found my way through endless diets, fads and workouts.

I now strive to help others through my blogging, online nutrition, training guides, and the awesome world of social media.

My passion is to inspire, motivate and help you see your true potential!

Are you ready to start living as your best self!?  Jump on over here and check out what I made for you!

Let’s get started on an exciting new journey together!




Claudia Scali is a fitness expert and transformation coach.  She graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Science degree.

Claudia spent her childhood playing a variety of sports and dancing competitively.  She went on to perform with the CFL as a part of the Toronto Argonauts cheerleading team.

Claudia has also competed in beauty pageants and was 1 of 8 women chosen to represent Ontario at the Miss Universe Canada pageant.  There she placed as a top 20 finalist amongst over 60 women from across the country.

Claudia has spent over a decade working in the medical field.  She was also an aerobics instructor and weight loss consultant for Jenny Craig.

Claudia is currently an OPA Provincial Bikini Competitor, fitness and nutrition coach and certified personal trainer .

Throughout the past 2 years, Claudia has placed top 5 in five fitness competitions.  She has been featured as a guest on Rogers TV and published in Panoram Italia magazine.  She has also been published as a writer by Muscle Insider Magazine, Inside Fitness Women’s, Eligible Magazine and contributed to the social media content for Muscle Memory Magazine.

Claudia enjoys helping others through her attentive and caring approach.  She puts her heart and soul into her work and finds success in seeing others accomplish their goals.