Are you a Workout Warrior but Lacking Results?

Does this sounds like you?….

  • You workout 5-7 times per week
  • Your workouts are always high intensity
  • You leave every workout dripping in sweat
  • You only feel like it’s a workout if you are a hot mess on the verge of passing out
  • You mostly enjoy crossfit, spinning, HIIT, bootcamps, etc.

If you said ‘YES’ to all or most of these points AND you have hit a plateau in seeing or experience results…..this post is for YOU!

I can’t tell you the number of women that coming to me with a check beside each of the points above and are boggled that they don’t see any changes in their physique.

It’s totally frustrating and I get it because that used to be ME!

I was a workout junkie and craved the punishment of a grueling aerobics class or bootcamp that would leave me drenched and just about ready to vomit.  If I didn’t feel that way, I would not be satisfied.

I thought that there was no way I couldn’t be ‘skinny’ with the amount of energy I was burning 6-7 days per week BUT I was WRONG!

Only once I started to learn more about the body and experiment different methods on myself, did I begin to understand that I was doing more harm than good.

Sometimes a little rest can go a long way!!  Not to mention that proper nutrition MUST go hand in hand with your workouts in order to see results.

Here are a few tips to switch things up and break through your plateau:

  1. Add in a rest day or two
  2. Up your water intake
  3. Integrate protein at each meal
  4. Have a healthy serving of carbs post workout
  5. Try switching up a high intensity workout for yoga or stretching
  6. Ensure you are consuming enough calories on your workout days

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