Can you eat an entire bag of chips?? Shocking Stats Revealed! (YOU MUST READ!)

I want to start off by challenging you with this fun game….
Take a look at this list below and email me back with the item you think has the most calories and the one with the least.
There is a prize waiting for those who get it right!!  Submit your answers HERE

1. Moxie’s Fish Tacos

2. McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger

3. Joey’s Blackened Salmon Cesar Salad

4. The Keg Cobb Salad

5. Moxie’s Seared Tuna Ginger salad

6. Wendy’s Bacon Delux 1/4 lb single

7. McDonald’s Greek Salad with Crispy Chicken

7. The Keg Steak Filet Mignon with Bacon

9. Joey’s Chili Chicken

10. Wendy’s Taco Supreme Salad

This seems like a ‘just-for-fun’ game but I have a point that I want to drive home….
There is so much added to our food that we don’t even know about!!!
Want to know some thing scary?
  • The National Cancer Institute has stated that 70-90% of cancers are preventable based on lifestyle choices
  • The average person in North America is consuming 3/4 lb of sugar EVERYDAY
  • 70% of the population is on at least one prescription medication
  • Sugar consumption attributes to more deaths than alcohol and tobacco combined
  • 66% of the North American population is obese or overweight
The last and most frightening stat I will share with you is this….
Today’s crops contain 40% of the nutrition they once did!…..some food for thought….why do you think that is?
Today’s crops contain 40% of the nutrition they once did!
Seems weird that a crop would be significantly less nutritious, don’t you think?
A lot of people think this is for environmental reasons….soil, air, water, etc.
However, we live in a day and age where science is so advanced that it seems they can manufacture anything…so why not better crops?
The reason is that the food and farming industries are…industries!  Their goal is to sell product and make money.  They intentionally reduce the nutrition….why?  So you consume more which translates in more $$$.
Have you ever had a fast food burger and still felt hungry?…that’s because you are!!  Your body is still starving for nutrition.
This is why being conscious of what goes into your food is so important.  Unfortunately there is a lot we don’t know and it’s only getting more convoluted.
If you can eat two McDonald’s hamburgers or polish off an entire bag of chips or have endless amounts of chocolate covered almonds…YOU ARE NORMAL!!
But if you are craving these things daily and can demolish them a few times a week in the blink of an eye, its because your body is starving….it’s starving for proper nutrition!!!
Base your diet around whole, organic foods and you will feel the difference!  Lean proteins, complex carbs, fruits and veggies….it may not sound sexy but you will definitely start to look sexy!
Also, be sure to take your vitamins and ensure they are quality brands….vitamins are also an industry and they fill those capsules with a lot of nonsense!
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As you can tell, I am very passionate about this and my mission is to educate and inspire other women.
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