Celebrity Tips to a Hot Body (including the secrets they don’t want you to know!)

There are endless celebs out there with super-hot bodies.  They have the best trainers, people to prepare their meals and all the money to pay for it, right?  Well what you can’t buy is hard work, motivation and dedication.  Just because you have money and fame, it doesn’t automatically guarantee you a fit body.


These women kick-butt in the gym and the lime-light.  They are wives, mothers, performers, writers, business owners and all-round busy women!  Let’s dive into how they maintain a killer shape all year long!


Gwen Stefani

Gwen has an obvious passion for fashion and that’s what drives her to kick-butt in the gym.  She swears by hitting the gym 5 days a week to keep slim and trim to rock her favourite outfits.  She is also driven (as many celebs are) by looking her best in the spotlight.  The cool thing is Gwen admits to having her own internal battle like the rest of us.  She wants to eat whatever she wants but she lacks confidence when she doesn’t look her best in front of her audiences.  Her motivation is not letting down the people that look up to her but most of all, not letting herself down,  Love that!


Gwen’s Signature Feature – Her Toned midsection!

Try this during your next gym session so get a flat tummy like Gwen…


Plank x 1 minute

V-ups x 20

Hanging Leg Raises x 20

Repeat for 3 sets


Sofia Vergara

Sofia is blessed with amazing curves but needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep herself toned and in shape.  She actually admits to hating the gym.  She would rather not work out at all.  So what gets her to training sessions with Gunnar Peterson? She sets aside time in her schedule and considers it a requirement for her career.  She also loves how good she feels afterward and never regrets a workout once she gets going.


How does Sofia find time to work out?  She makes the best use of her time!

Check out her 5 tips to making the most of your gym time:



Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth is another celeb that admits to not loving a strict exercise routine and diet but refuses to let herself go.  She started her site Goop to to answer her own questions about health, wellness, fashion, food and travel.  She loves all things natural and organic and has a keen interest in staying up-to-date on the latest in fitness and nutrition.  What does she have to say about looking great in a bikini after two kids? “It’s not an accident. It’s not luck, it’s not fairy dust, it’s not good genes. It’s killing myself for an hour and a half five days a week, but what I get out of it is relative to what I put into it.”  You go girl!


What is Gwyneth’s Favourite Dish? – Her Turkey Ragu!

Find the recipe here: http://goop.com/recipes/turkey-ragu/


Khloe Kardashian

Always considered the ‘curvier’ Kardashian, this year Khloe has taken her fitness to a whole new level.  She started working out 7 days a week and became aware of her portions and what she was consuming.  She has lost 35 lbs. to date and swears by a mixture of cardio, calisthenics, circuit training, Pilates and boxing with trainer Gunnar Peterson.  She works out in the morning which keeps her mindful of her nutrition throughout the day.  She enjoys a banana and almond butter for breakfast, protein shakes after her workouts, Chinese chicken salads for lunch and dinner is steamed veggies and chicken.


Want a body like Khloe?  

Try her workout in Women’s Health Magazine:




Jennifer Lopez

This girl is hard core!  She makes her workouts a priority no matter what. Following the Tracy Anderson method, she can be seen getting in her cardio and weight training even when she doesn’t feel like it.  She also swears by proper nutrition, following a salt-free and sugar-free diet, swearing off alcohol and getting 8 hours of sleep each night.


Want to sculpt sexy legs like Jennifer?

You can find her workout with Tracy Anderson below:




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