Healthy Eating on the Run!

Do you ever spend your day feeling like you are running in circles?  We have so many obligations, chores, commitments, and responsibilities to fulfill that it seems next to impossible to find any time for ourselves.  When I talk about preparing meals in advance, the most common remark I get back from women is that they don’t have any time.


Eating healthy should not be another chore or obligation; it should be a way of living.  But how do we get to this state of living that makes healthy choices a habit rather than a mental argument?

A habit is defined as an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.  We can form the habit of making healthy choices by taking action consistently over a period of time, so let’s get started!


First, find the most convenient time for your to prepare meals; first thing in the morning? While making dinner after work? Or maybe before bed?

Next, there are so many quick and simple ways to get a filling, easy and enjoyable breakfast on the run.  Look to things like oatmeal, protein shakes, fruit and Greek yogurt.  These are all items that you can have handy to grab on your way out the door.


When it comes to lunch, if you are making a healthy dinner in the evening, make some extra so you can take it for lunch the following day.  Otherwise, canned chicken or tuna, fresh veggies with hummus, nuts and fruit are all easy to pack items that you can store in the house when leftovers are not an option.

Lastly, don’t be defeated by the snack attack!  Always keep healthy options on hand in your bag, car or desk.  Protein powder, nuts, rice cakes and healthy snack bars are all great options to have with you in case of snack emergencies