How can you tell the real from the fake?

Do you ever sit on social media and scan others pictures? Do you look at someone that you believe to be prettier, fit or more successful than you and wonder how they got there? What can you do to be more like them?
What do they eat? Where do they go? Who do they spend time with? How many hours do they work out each day?
It’s an endless list of questions and mind games!


I can’t tell you how many times I have read about someone who does little to no cardio but has 10% body fat and eats carbs at every meal!

I am not saying that these people are lying but this info can be misinterpreted or confusing to others.

You don’t know their back story, history, or what else they do.  Have they been training for 10+ years? Do they have super-human genes?


I have watched way too many people get caught up in the social media stories of other people’s lives and take it to heart that they are not at the same level or that their bodies are not reacting the same way.

Every person, everybody, every goal and every plan is different.  It therefore makes no sense to compare you to anyone else.

Be whoever it is you are and be proud of it.  Challenge yourself to set and reach your own goals and celebrate all your successes, no matter how big or small.  Don’t beat yourself up because someone else is achieving things in a different way.

If you find the posts of another destructive to your mental game, then stop following them!  Simple!

Follow those who inspire you to be the best version of yourself!