Is Your Favourite Cocktail Equivalent to a Double Quarter Pounder??!!!

Say what!!???

Are you consuming your day’s worth of calories over a few drinks by the pool?

The scary truth is that you very well could be!

I was recently on Daytime TV talking about the importance of balance in your diet.  Mostly, how to dine out and enjoy your favourite cocktails without completely sabotaging your goals.

Check out the link HERE to watch the segment and see which offenders you should avoid!


Understanding where your calories are coming from and being knowledgeable about how you are consuming them is a big part of finding moderation.

If you knew that your cocktail was equivalent in calories to one of the food items below, you may rethink what you order!

Here is how it breaks down….

Long Island Iced Tea = 9 Chocolate Chip Cookies = over 700 calories

Margarita = Double Quarter Pounder = over 600 calories

Pina Colada = Poutine = over 600 calories

White Russian = Small Bag of Doritos = over 400 calories

Mai Tai = Sour Cream Glazed Donut = over 300 calories

Don’t forget to watch the segment HERE to find out how to reduce the calories and sugar in all these beverages as well as my number 1 rule to keeping booze in your diet without sabotaging your goals!!

You can also check out more of my tips below:

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