Kick Sugar Cravings to the Curb!

Oh no!  Its 3pm, you are sitting at your desk falling asleep and need a pick-me-up…….you have already had too much coffee but you could really go for something sweet!

You know all the areas in the office you can go to dig up some treats but you have this guilty feeling that you shouldn’t.  You try to keep working but your cravings won’t go away and keep growing!

You have been so good all week so this one treat wouldn’t be so bad, right?  Or maybe you should feel encouraged to stay on track…this is all so confusing!  What should you do?

                Don’t worry girl!  I got you! 

I have been there, I have driven myself mental over those 3pm cravings and you don’t have to live like that.  Eating should be enjoyable and should not cause your blood pressure to rise!  With the right tools and a little preparation, you will be ready to take the 3pm cravings head on!

First, let’s talk about lunch…… I know life can be crazy but it is important to take time out to enjoy a meal.  Even if its 15 minutes, block your calendar and give yourself permission to sit down, decompress and eat.

Pack your lunch from the night before or familiarize yourself with some good healthy places in your neighborhood where you can purchase food.  We eat with our eyes so incorporate things you enjoy into your lunch and even if you pack it at home, dress it up as if you purchased it!

Ensure your lunch is packed with protein, healthy fats and healthy carbs to keep you full and energized for the second half of your day.  If we have a lunch that make us feel satisfied and full, we will be less likely to crave things later in the day.

In order to fulfill those sweet cravings, consider things like whole fruit, Greek yogurt or all-natural oatmeal with berries.  We don’t want to fill our bodies with artificial sugars as they will just leave us wanting more.  Instead, we want to stick to whole, healthy foods that will make us feel satisfied but spare us the spare tire!