How to Stop Being a Serial Dieter??

  Look for lifestyle changes, not quick fixes  Have you ever gone on a very strict diet that had you dropping serious weight each week?   The compliments start rolling in and you feel like… View Post

Thai Salmon

INGREDIENTS: -4 wild salmon filets -2 lemongrass sticks -1 cup braggs liquid aminos or a low-sodium soy sauce -1/2 cup honey -1 tbsp freshly grated ginger -4 cloves or garlic finely chopped -1 tsp cinnamon -1/4 cup… View Post

Organic vs. Non-Organic – How do you choose?

I always encourage my clients to buy organic meat and produce whenever possible. Buying organic can be expensive though so I often get asked which produce items are the most pesticide-laden. The Environmental Working Group… View Post

6 Tricks to Speed Up a Stubborn Metabolism

There is not worse feeling than having a slow, sluggish metabolism…. Right? Are you cursing your genetics and wishing you could have one little cheat meal without immediately seeing the scale spike!? Well I have good news…… View Post