Stop the Holiday Party Self-Sabotage!

With holiday parties fast-approaching, the one thing that has all my clients concerned is how to get through without packing on the pounds!

This is why I am going to give you my go-to tips on how to make it through stress-free…



  1. Eat throughout the day

I hear way too often about women ‘saving’ themselves for dinner.  This is completely opposite of what you should be doing!  By ensuring you eat healthy and satisfying meals throughout your day, you are less likely to gorge at dinner.  You are also more likely to make healthy choices when you aren’t starving.

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2. Don’t deprive yourself

If you are going to a holiday dinner that is going to have tons of sweet treats, don’t set your mind to deprivation.  What do I mean by that? By telling yourself you ‘can’t eat’ something, you will automatically want it more.  Instead, give yourself permission to try out your favourite treat or desert, IF you feel like it.  The biggest part of this is ‘IF’!  Sometime we get too caught up in the thought that this is the only chance we have to try this desert or we are going to have this one and then nothing for the next month!  Get rid of the limitations and feelings of deprivation.  Picture that you can have that desert any day at any time.  If you could have it the next day, would you want it in that moment still?  Or would you rather wait and savour it at another time?  Changing your mindset can drastically change your approach to food.  For any questions on this or more info, contact me HERE.



3.  Prepare your breakfast

Yes, I want you to prepare your breakfast in advance.  The morning after a big holiday feast is the most critical time to avoid unwanted weight gain.  If you splurged more than you wanted to at dinner, the morning after is a tempting time to keep winding down a dangerous road.  If there was alcohol involved at dinner, it’s even more important to get things right in the morning.  Have your healthy breakfast along with tons of clear liquids laid out and easy to grab.  This makes getting back on track a no-brainer.


I hope you find this info helpful and easy to follow!

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