The Fit Girl’s Step-by-Step Guide to Surviving the Weekend!!!

The weekend is here and you are ecstatic because:

  1. It’s the weekend…duh!!!…this means no work and lots of FUN!
  2. You have so many awesome things planned
  3. Time to unwind with a glass (or two…or three) of wine!




Things are great until you hit Sunday night….you don’t feel so great.  You are bloated and exhausted and can’t bear to think of going to work the next morning.  You realize you totally threw your weeks’ worth of dieting and clean eating out the window so you say ”what the hell” and cap the night off with a bag of chips!


You begin thinking to yourself…..what was I thinking having a second serving of cake on Saturday? And how did I single-handedly polish of that entire plate of fries? And why oh why did I drink sooo much wine Friday night!?




Well don’t fret because that will not be you this weekend!


Yes! I am going to give you exactly what you need to have a blast, socialize and do it all without the guilt, bloat or yucky feelings!

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Second, follow the steps outlined below….

Step #1 – The Plan

If you have been following me for a while, you know I am all about THE PLAN!  It might sound silly but putting down on paper all the places you need to go on the weekend, and possible pitfalls they could pose to your clean eating, is so important.  It should take no more than 5 minutes and helps you get your mind around how to make the best decisions.  Once you have written down where you are going and the challenge you may face …..

Example: Friday Girl’s Night – Challenge: Too many cocktails

We now know we need a strategy for not going overboard on the martinis.

PS. If you need tips on how to enjoy a few late night beverages without going overboard, check out my article 5 Secrets To Keeping Booze In Your Diet Without Your Trainer Ever Knowing”



Step #2 – Develop the Strategy

Developing the strategy is where you pre-set your boundaries and figure out where you want to spend your calorie allotment.  If you have a sweet tooth and are going to a birthday party then be realistic with yourself. Don’t tell yourself that you will steer clear of all sweets; instead determine that you will have ONE small piece of cake.  Eat a healthy meal before the party so you feel full and satisfied.  This will keep you away from the munchies lying around…. like the chips and dip.! You can also set boundaries to say, “I only like chocolate cake so if the cake is vanilla, I will save my calories for something else.”  It’s like money in the bank; you can stash it away until something better comes along.




Step #3 – Calculate the Calories

This is the cool part!  This is where you figure out how much indulging you want to do and what price tag comes along with it.  Sometimes we think having a little ‘here’ and a little ‘there’ is nothing but when you add it up, it can be really eye-opening!  Log into a fitness app like Myfitnesspal, and plug in your weekend splurges.  Find out how many extra calories you will be consuming and what extra time is required in the gym to burn it off.  You may also decide that some splurges are just not worth it!



Step #4 – Schedule your Workouts

 You can do the crime but you gotta pay the time!  Yes, you need to make your date with the gym a priority if you want to have your cake and eat it too!  It’s all about balance.  We can party all night as long as we can get up and get to work.  Find a class you like or make a date with your friend and pencil in your workouts before the weekend begins.  These must be non-negotiable very important dates that you don’t go back on.  You owe it to yourself to take this time out for you and your health.  For some extra motivation, you can check out my article on “5 (Easy!) Workout Moves for Insanely Hotter Sex”


Step #5 – Hold yourself Accountable

Accountability is so critical in sticking to your goals.  You can tell your best friend, your mom, your spouse or your sister…..find someone that you trust to hold you to what you say you will do.  Share with them your plan of when you plan to splurge and when you plan to workout.  Review your plan before you go to your social events as a reminder of the commitment you made to reach your goals.  Check this article out to help you stick with it.

If weekend plans are calling your name, then get cracking on the 5 steps above and I promise that Sunday night will have you celebrating instead of wallowing. 

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